Daigo Saito 2JZ Supra A90 Competing In D1GP 2019

Someone had to do this build. Everyone was talking about the new Toyota A90 Supra. The A90 has a unique body style with a mean front and sharp taillights. It was just a matter in time before someone did the 3.0 2JZ-GTE inline-6 swap. Nobody expected this swap and it happen so quickly that it took everyone in shock. However, taking a brand new A90 and competing D1 Grand Prix Professional Series 2019 is unreal.

The car will debut at the Monster Energy Present D1GP All Star Shootout in Odaiba Tokyo. The “GR Supra” (as it’s known in Japan, a reference to Gazoo Racing, which helped develop the platform) is being prepared by HKS. Saito targeting 800hp which can easily be attained with the 2JZ.

Modifications has been done to make the car look more aggressive and has wider wheels. This is a perfect opportunity to test out the GR Supra for it’s handling and capability for a competition. Saito Supra will be revealed in March 23rd and round 1 starts June 29-30 of 2019. Looks like Saito is going 2JZ all the way.

 Daigo Saito Shoout Run D1GP 2019:


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